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Pre-primary is the first learning phase for every child. Our curriculum is inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Theory of Constructivism, and the student-centric Reggio-Emilia approach. It’s designed to meet their needs, develop their interests and build their abilities to foster their holistic development during this stage of their education.

Developing the whole child,
not just academic aptitude

Based on evidence from disparate sources, the MI theory claims that humans have a number of relatively discrete intellectual capacities. We expose young students to eight independent intelligences for holistic growth.


A phonic-based language and rich environment promote listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Group work with peers and adults builds confidence and positive relationships.


Sensitivity to one’s own feelings and self-awareness grows through prayer and reflection.

Bodily Kinesthetic

Sand play, water play, dance, drama, and yoga promote the development of fine and gross motor skills.


Observing patterns and relationships helps to conceptualise the logical relations among actions or symbols.


A love for one's natural and cultural environment blossoms through interactions with the real world.

Visual Spatial

Scribbling, drawing, colouring, painting, origami, and other craftwork hone the child's aesthetic sense.


Scribbling, drawing, colouring, painting, origami, and other craftwork hone the child's aesthetic sense.

Our Pedagogy:
Reggio- Emilia approach

Each child is considered infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. The teacher's job is to support these qualities and challenge students in appropriate ways.

Students learn, express and develop critical thinking skills through projects, group work, field trips, resource books and audio-visuals.

Students learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening and observing.

Students have some control over the direction of their learning.

Welcome from
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I am excited to welcome your child to Alpha Beginnings. Here, students will excel academically, learn to question ideas, collaborate with peers and learn life skills to become responsible citizens.
-Radhika Narayanan

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Success stories
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Monakshi studied Pre-KG and KG at Alpha Beginnings last year. Her English and behavior have improved significantly, thanks to the school's focus on fun, talent discovery, and creativity. I appreciate that Alpha Beginnings understands education isn’t just about books but also about fostering all-around growth in kids.
Siva Mahalingam

Software Engineer

Thank you for the incredible support. Your promise to nurture Aayushi was fulfilled as we now see her not only gaining knowledge but also becoming more confident. We're deeply grateful to you and her class teacher for your care and dedication.
Sanjay Singh

Sub Inspector CISF

We are extremely thankful to Principal ma’am and the teachers for making our child's years in the Pre-Primary Section so interesting. This strong foundation for Alpha Beginning will take him a long way. We appreciate your understanding of our son and thank you again.
Siva Prabhu

Sales Manager in Krishnan finance.

I deeply appreciate the teachers' dedication and passion, which has significantly impacted my child's academic growth. The inclusive, supportive environment values diversity and promotes acceptance and respect. The school's holistic education approach and strong communication make it welcoming and safe.
Sriram Subramanian

Project Manager at Construction (Singapore)

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-primary (also known as preschool) education aims at the holistic development of your child. It aims to develop social skills, cognitive growth, language proficiency, creativity and independence. At Alpha, children are exposed to 8 intelligences for overall development.

The average student-to-teacher ratio in pre-primary classrooms is 30:2.

Activity-based learning in pre-primary is crucial as it enhances cognitive development, fosters creativity, and promotes hands-on exploration, laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

The pre-primary curriculum encompasses a balanced mix of foundational subjects such as language development, numeracy, social skills, and creative activities to foster holistic early childhood development.

The age limit for students in pre-primary school typically ranges from 3 to 5 years old.

Yes, we encourage parents to be involved in pre-primary grades through various activities such as workshops, events, and volunteer opportunities to create a collaborative learning environment.

Pre-primary is highly beneficial for a child's holistic development. It helps prepare children for formal schooling both academically and socially. At Alpha, we strongly recommend it to ensure your child has a positive start to their learning journey. Our pre-primary program focuses on fostering essential skills and a love for learning.

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